Baby Massage Courses in Leicester


What’s involved? 

Each course consists of 5 ninety-minute sessions. This includes a chance to relax with a drink and exchange ideas and experiences with other parents as well as learning the full baby massage and the special colic routine on your baby. 

We talk about a range of topics including how to adapt the massage as your baby grows up - massage isn’t just for babies, it’s for life!!

Don’t worry!

.......about how your baby is going to behave!  If they need a feed or a nappy change, that’s fine.  If they are grizzly and having an off-day, don’t worry - it happens to us all!  Sometimes they may be asleep all the way through the session - that’s fine too. You can practice on one of my dolls and then give your baby their massage back at home.  The course is for learning the massage  - the important time for doing it is at home.

What you need to bring

A towel for your baby to lie on, a spare nappy and all you need for a feed – I can provide a basin of hot water. Wear loose, comfortable clothes yourself.  The room will be warm to massage the babies so wear layers!


£50 for a 5 week course.  Please enquire about one to one courses and for groups in your own homes

Dates and venues

I work at my home in Leicester city and at other warm and comfy venues around Leicestershire (gym, village hall, people’s homes etc).  I start a course most months.  Please contact me to find out when and where the next course starts.

For more information please fill in the contact form or call 07782 383217