Baby Massage - Parents Testimonials


I understand my baby more now and am able to calm and soothe him much more easily’

‘Tummy massage seems to have regularised my baby’s bowel movements…Bowel explosions   galore!  Much happier baby!’

‘His Grandad was very sceptical about baby massage but even he does it now to calm him when he’s crying’ 

‘It gives my husband quality time with her at bedtime which he doesn’t get during the day’

‘He has discovered his legs!  He seems so much more contented.  Massage has formed part of our bedtime routine and I feel we have bonded even more!’

‘You can put a price on a cot or a pram but baby massage is priceless!  Some baby things we’ve never used, some just a few times, but we’ve used baby massage more than we’ve used the baby bath!’

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Baby massage to help with colic